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George Santos is a member of the house of representatives. He represents New York’s third congressional district, the wealthiest in New York. Shortly after his election in 2022, it was revealed that Santos had fabricated most of his resume. Not only did he lie about his education and his professional career, he also lied about being a descendant of holocaust survivors. Since it was discovered that he was dishonest about his life, the House Ethics Committee has begun an investigation into his mistruths. Social media, ever the platform for political discussion, provides some valuable insights into the public’s perception of this incident.

1. Investigations into Santos by the House Ethics Committee have begun. Because of this, he has decided not to run for reelection in 2024.

ABC – A news story about George Santos deciding not to run for reelection in 2024 amid investigations into his mistruths. 
CNN – A panel of journalists discusses the situation surrounding Santos. They discuss the specifics of the House Ethics Committee investigation. 

The above tweet briefly summarized the situation surrounding Santos right now. It also suggests that an investigation was absolutely necessary. Tweets like this have the ability to engage the public in the discussion.

The responses above explore an important attitude toward the political climate in the United States right now. Many people assume that congress will not do anything to formally punish Santos.

2. The American people want Santos out of congress. This has been made clear by protests, opinion editorials, and tweets. Social media allows us to hear many individuals’ voices just by scrolling.

The above tweet asks the American people if they think that Santos should be “booted” from Congress. The comments section is interesting. While there are people who believe that his lack of qualifications leave him unsuited for a position in congress, some people ignore that and use this to attack other politicians. 

The first two responses above focus on the issue at hand. They also carry the same opinion as most of the other comments. It is the third comment that really opens up a discussion.

3. While the idea that Santos should be investigated by the ethics committee is essentially uncontested, some individuals are looping other politicians in with him.

The above tweet suggests that Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez, Cori Bush, Ilhan Omar, Eric Salwell, and Adam Schiff should also be investigated. It is interesting how people have found a way to relate the situation with Santos to other politicians. 

The comments captured above show support for the ideas presented in the tweet. Many individuals have made the assumption that every person serving in congress has lied just as much as Santos.

What started as a case of a pathological liar winding up in congress, it has turned into a topic that is sparking debate all across social media. Given the current status of the Republican Party, the debate is absolutely partisan. However, this discussion could end up with ethical committees holding politicians accountable for their mistruths. Aside from political implications, public opinion is incredibly important. Platforms like Twitter, Youtube, and Reddit provide a forum where members of the public can connect to debate and converse on matters in which public opinion is relevant. As politicians are elected to represent the people of their respective areas, it is important that those people are provided with a space to critique them. As we have seen here, the public is rife with opinion concerning George Santos.